Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hearts of De Milo with Drawings Pinocchio / Jim Dine

Among the most prolific, distinguished and knowledgeable, plus one of the last of a breed of artist that is true to the hand and eye all are Jim Dine. He is one of the original artists to be exhibited under the moniker; “Pop.” Dine continues to work and explore the limitless realm of possibilities. Like his “Pop” peers he chose to and works largely from established cultural icons. Dine’s work includes the Venus De Milo, valentine hearts and the ubiquitously lively marionette Pinocchio. Other favorites among his subjects are every day bath-robes, common tools and further stepping outside of the “Pop” restraints; figurative studies. Paintings, sculpture, charcoals and prints exist within his mastery of mediums and forms. Dine is literally the “King of Hearts” in an ever increasing world of soulless and mindless artists / creators.    

Dine is included in collections across the globe; the British Museum (London), the Hirshhorn (Wash. DC), The Met (NYC), Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris) and both MoMA (NYC) and San Francisco MOMA.  He is much sought after by collectors world-wide and especially in Miami Beach. I learned this early last December at Art Miami where I was seeing an unusually large number of his works exhibited. I asked Susan Dishell an LA based gallerist in conversation about the abundance of Jim Dine works on view; this while admiring one of her Dine Hearts. Susan said “Dine’s use of color vibrancy and his painterly technique are a great fit with the character of the Miami collector.”  It made perfect sense as we stood before the painting she said was created especially for this most recent Art Miami fair.


Dine talks  Dine

I’m a longtime fan of Dine’s dating back a number of years and greatly admire his atmospheric, richly textured and the vaguely unfinished quality in his works. The Dine Pinocchio drawings are a hallmark of his many tools and skills. His illustrated edition of the classic Carlo Collodi tale is fabulous. Being true to his “Pop” roots the Dine works are a definite nod to the Walt Disney studios’ interpretation. While he reflects the Disney esthetic; he goes beyond the Disney cartoonist’s visions to a place of artistry, beauty and intrigue within his most effective efforts. 

The former teacher and heroic Jim Dine’s continuous outpouring of spirit and craft are things of truth and beauty. Dine is to be celebrated, revered and many times over admired. His ever expansive body of work enlivens and inspires ever increasingly as it exists and surely grows for our own fulfillment.

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