Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Frankenstein Monster

The Frankenstein monster
The lifeless; the dead
Seemed utterly harmless
with probes in his head
 A little of lightning
a bolt and a shock
 delivered the message
it’s time to wake up

The roar of the thunder
the crack of the shock
 he listened and heard them
just like a knock, knock

There’s  business for you
both scary and Grimm
a village to greet you
get going again.

He hurried; he worried
His efforts in vain
He grunted and growled
His brain was insane

He couldn’t remember the joy of a LIFE
The next thing he wanted you know was a wife
So quickly constructed
with bride and with friend
again starting over
his dreams to begin
but they too were shattered
when Bride say his face
this creature of science
could not find his place
He wished to belong
just one in the crowd
he ranted and raved
he shouted out loud
there’s no witches brew
or splendid, warm places
 His bride left him too
her beauty not wasted

The monster moved on
without kit or kin
he’s walking the Earth
resistant to sin
Avoiding each village
each hamlet and den
just can’t get connected
there’s never a  friend
You may see him soon
he’ll visit your town
Just some “thing” much scary
he rambles around

The ocean, the river, the light of the moon

Remarkable, distant, magnanimous goon

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