Saturday, September 3, 2016

Albrecht Dürer The Remarkably Mystic

His status and skills are mythic in stature among the greatest of artists. The legend of Albrect Durer hails from a time when attention to detail was expected and admired. Durer saw like few did and even fewer see now.  The results from the steady and marvelously sure hand of the man; Durer, enraptures and amazes in the best of ways. Durer hailed from a time when alchemy was a universal force. He surely must have known something of the arcane arts. No other explanation could suffice for his achievements. His works spell-bind, mesmerize and shockingly mystify


And since geometry is the right foundation of all painting, I have decided to teach its rudiments and principles to all youngsters eager for art.            
                                                                                        Albrecht Durer

In the nineteen sixties Durer’s “Praying Hands” were reproduced many times over. Plates, prints and plaques prominently adorned many walls and shelves in many homes. Reproductions were casted in bronze, carved in wood, printed on paper and fashioned in clay. The work was loved and well known but few knew the original artist's name. “The Praying Hands” were inspirational for the faithful and a popular standard of grace and elegance.    

The artist is chosen by God to fulfill his commands and must never be overwhelmed by public opinion.
                                                                                        Albrecht Durer

Durer was proficient as draftsman, engraver, painter and print maker. His works were imaginative and challenging; as well as spiritual. There is a gravitas to the work that rivals every era and nation in it's creation. Durer looked at the universe and marveled. He looked at every aspect of his/our world and was in awe. His goal was to capture in image as many things as any human could while honoring his God given talents. His eye was attuned to all; from the magnificence of the Heavens to a simple tuff of grass. The truth and beauty of Durer; captured in his work, lives vividly for all time.   

What beauty is, I know not, though it adheres to many things.
                                                                                         Albrecht Durer