Sunday, May 5, 2013

Quentin Tarantino Inglorious Basterd

The pen and mind of Quentin Tarantino have produced works of malevolence, humor, brutality and passion that illuminate a reflection of life from a most incredibly unique perspective. His perspective is like none the world of film or perhaps the world in any form has known before. Oh that we all could be so blessed as Mr. Tarantino. The characters in his films are often cool to a point of ice cold; violent and bloody (no kiddie stuff here) but they are never lacking of a strong wit to complement their cunning. Tarantino; the magician that he is, makes movies of thought and complexity that are immensely entertaining.  

“Reservoir Dogs” was his first directorial piece but his “Pulp Fiction” burst upon us like nothing before. This powder keg would dramatically change and challenge every established notion of film.  “Pulp Fiction,” something so radical, so different that nothing worthy of comparison has appeared since; except for perhaps some of Quentin’s own works. There’s nothing close to his level. He has spawned some imitation that at best serves merely as flattery. Tarantino is much flattered by his imitators. “Pulp Fiction” revived the career of John Travolta, show-cased the talents of Samuel L. Jackson and made the sound track central to the story telling. The timing and pacing of the piece was everywhere at once and the ending of the film is the chronological center of the actual events. Great job Quentin!   


Tarantino is well on his way of becoming one of the all-time favorites and greats of the cinema. Certainly the most distinct visionary of this age of film. His recent Oscar win for best original screenplay speaks volumes for his craftsmanship. His brilliance and daring are to be envied. In his most recent venture he has been able to take one of the worst segments of American History twists it, turns it, shakes it up and produces a work that elicits laughs, horror, tears and revulsion. He offers questions, enigma, insights and solutions to what is largely the unspeakable; American Slavery.His “Django Unchained” is brilliant in that it is both epic in scope while retaining something of the fun of a romp.  Christoph Waltz wins an “Oscar” for best supporting actor portraying a dentist turned bounty hunter in ‘Django.”  Waltz’s character develops a heart through the course of the film as he and Jamie Fox complement each other well. Samuel L. Jackson is stellar in his portrayal of the “Uncle Tom” character.  No plantation even a fictional one should be without an “Uncle Tom.” Jackson and Leonardo DiCaprio also serve well as foils to their respective characters.

The list of Tarantino films continues to grow longer and they are increasingly more intriguing. There is talk of a third “Kill Bill” and I’m expecting “Django” to be at least a trilogy; possibly a series. Django and Broom Hilde are prime for a civil war Bonnie and Clyde in a second outing. The third would take place in the reconstruction years and most likely unfold out west in the true “Cowboy” era.

    Quentin Tarantino; one heck of a film maker. Watch out! He’ll be back and I can hardly wait.

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