Sunday, March 3, 2013

Quvenzhane Wallis: At The Oscars

In an age of miracle and wonder a little princess goes to the ball. When director Ben Zeitlin cast the role of Hushpuppy for his soon to be lauded “Beasts of the Southern Wild” he found a gem in Quvenzhane Wallis. She embodied everything Zeitlin was look for and more. Wallis was strong, intelligent, self-assured, plucky and well…cute. There was more to her though and most importantly she won Zeitlin over with heart, compassion and a sense of what can only be described as honor. Both Wallis and Zeitlin were nominated for “Best” in their categories as well as the film itself was respectfully. No Oscars were awarded but the hearts and minds of many were won for the duration. They have been enlisted as friends and admirers for life.

At the Oscars and all the preliminary events, glamour and glitz Wallis was magnificent in the special way only an innocent can be. She was stylish of dress and lovely with her little puppy-purses and shoulder bags. Her interviews were on point and she showed a wit and aplomb that equaled many an older and more accomplished actress. Her best moment was a view of her dancing way past her bedtime (that had been extended for the events) and spinning in a circle until she was dizzy. Oh; the joys of childhood!   

Congratulations Quvenzhane! Congratulations for being there; at the ball, for showing us grace and joy and for filling our hearts.

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