Saturday, April 8, 2017

...speaking of Neil Gaiman

Writer’s writer Neil Gaiman is among the most versatile and prolific in today’s world of social media, constant and “fake news” along with and among other such antics. Some would argue that books and the print medium are dying (if not already dead) but; Mr. Gaiman continues in the best tradition of  author, scribe, story-teller and historian in the most ancient,  beautiful and personal of forms; books. He is most recognized as creator of fantasy but his readership crosses over into main stream literature in almost every possible format. Gaiman creates original titles for novels, picture books and adolescent books along with screen plays, graphic novels and essays. If I’ve left anything out Neil; I apologize. His seminal piece; Sandman, initially written for DC Comics’ Vertigo line of adult fiction cemented his work as epic in form. Sandman consists in multiple books spanning possibly three generations of readers. 

Gaiman’s most recent publication is his retelling of the ancient tales of the Vikings. His “Norse Mythology” featuring Thor-the Mighty, Oden-The All Wise All Father, Loki-The  Shrewd, Heimdall-The Watcher,  Sif-The Lovely and a host of frost giants, dark elves and monsters. Gaiman is at his best and most comfortable with his telling’s of these most ancient of religious legends. Herein he is funny, engaging and full of remarkably unexpected twists. 

There is no one that could possibly speak more eloquently for Neil Gaiman than himself. Following are many of his quotes, insights and comments on his chosen art form. The remaining graphics (largely produced by his foremost collaborator artist Dave McKean) consist of images from his book covers, illustrations, film stills and most importantly the master story man’s own words.

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