Tuesday, November 8, 2016

CELEBRATE AMERICA "Hillary Has Won" (Well; Maybe Not...)

November 8th Twenty Sixteen


James Jones

Celebrate in music, in letters and in song.

Celebrate with loud noises and in silent tears.

We are witness to History Tonight!

Hillary Clinton is elected The Forty-Fifth President of The United States of America.

She is the first woman to be so elected.

This is a Time of Greatness, of Miracle and of Wonder.

This is Her Time and Ours



Addendum_The previous was something that I had really hoped I was going to be able to honestly say. The reality is; as you know, that Hillary Clinton did not win the election (at least not by the electorial college). Donald Trump is the President Elect; the American people have spoken. The moniker; Hillary Clinton President, is not to be. Our nation will move on and tomorrow, I'll write another blog.  

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