Saturday, October 15, 2016



This 2016 US Presidential Campaign and eventual election are both historical and by far the most unusual in recent times. The candidates; Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are no strangers to the American cultural and political scene; but as familiar as we are familiar with them both, we continue to read, hear and see daily releases of new potentially damning revelations. Trump’s allegations of misconduct with women and Hillary’s misuse of a private email server are at present fore-most.  People across the United States and around the world are alarmed, saddened and dismayed to new levels. Many consider the candidates to be the least liked, trusted and admired; ever. What do we do?

The options are not much different than they have been for a while. The first is vote for the person you genuinely consider to be the best; that shares your beliefs, aspirations and vision of the future. Second; vote the lesser of two evils. This speaks for itself. The third being there are two other choices; the Green Party and the Libertarian Party. Forth; you can write in someone, living, dead or ficticous. Lastly; stay home, don’t participate. Again; what do we do?

In light of all that is being hashed out mere days before the final debate between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton  I’m blogging and posting some of my own (you might call propaganda) political/editorial graphics. I’m looking to amuse here and hope they will strike some nerve and resonate with you. Please; enjoy these offerings!