Thursday, March 10, 2016

Don Cheadle's MILES AHEAD

Don Cheadle has delivered a beautiful love letter to Miles Davis, Davis fans and all who cherish good story telling in the form of cinema. I had the immense pleasure of viewing this; the directorial debut of Mr. Cheadle with members of the press and supporting Indie-gogo contributors.  Cheadle; a member of   the fraternity of actors that always give remarkable; flawless performances, shines here in the lead. The work was compelling funny, balanced and of a very high caliber. We see Miles with all his attributes and flaws (which are vividly the spice of every life) in this sophisticated, funny and emotional film. “Miles Ahead” is pure, cinematic joy!  
The Columbia music and recording years of Miles Davis are featured heavily here in remarkable style. Cheadle uses flash backs in scenes that blend seamlessly from the films present into the memory and reminiscing of the main character. The film is placed within a five year period that Miles withdrew from performing and recording. The artistic and varied Davis album covers feature as much as the music as bridges between the many narratives revealed in both the truths and mythologies of Miles.       


Ewan McGregor portrays a Rolling stone reporter that within his attempts to interview Miles becomes a cohort in retrieving stolen come back tapes Davis had recently recorded. They develop a kind of “Butch and Sundance” comradery that drives much of the storyline. Actress Emayatzi Corinealdi; stuns, as Francis Taylor the wife and muse of Davis.  Taylor was pivotal to the life of the man and Corinealdi portrays her as the grand passion she must have been.   Another highlight is the performance of an All-Star band featuring actual former Miles Side Men; Herbie Handcock and Wayne Shorter along with contemporary greats Esperanza Spalding, Gary Clark Jr. and Antonio Sanchez.  
Don Cheadle has created a “crowd pleaser” of a film that has every potential of becoming a legitimate hit.  “Miles Ahead” a visionary homage, completely satisfies and makes me look forward to the next Cheadle project. For all its worth; something for which I am already on board; something certain to be another tremendous, roller-coaster of a ride. “Miles Ahead” is not to be soon be forgotten...Oscars?