Monday, December 28, 2015

Richard Schmidt "Winter"

I love the spirit; the craft and care, the intelligence, the beauty within the art of Richard Schmidt. Schmidt has long been a creator of landscapes, architectural renderings, portraits, nature studies and on and on. There is little that Schmidt hasn’t covered and mastered. This artist/educator, painter and author is among the best in the current market and art scene. His works are academic with a very free y style.  His works are not challenging but they are a joy to behold and savor as a painterly delicacy. Many of Schmidt’s works are seasonal and are of a special interest at this time of year.

The paintings of Richard Schmidt are tonally much in line with another popular American artists; Andrew Wyeth. Wyeth frequently painted images of late fall and winter themes. Schmidt is drawn to the same. A portfolio of Schmidt’s best are here for viewing and presented as a holiday sharing. Like many great painters the works speak most eloquently for themselves and explanations can cause some distraction and are hardly necessary. Please enjoy and feel the warmth of heart that inhabits these winter works. 

There are many that propose that art has to be unsettling, disturbing, as it shatters every preconceived notion. That is wonderful in concept but it is not a prerequisite. In my mind there are no absolutes in the creation or appreciation of art. That is the true greatness found in the pursuit of truth, beauty or the absurd. Art can be for the shock of newness but it can also be moving in the familiar and possess a Zen oneness with the sublime. Schmidt is of the later; a celebration of life and sight.

"In the Spirit of Christmas"