Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween the Day After

This, the morning after our biggest Halloween celebration; ever. All the decorating, shopping, scares, laughs and celebrating now past. Time to move on. My Second oldest; Gail was born on Halloween and she turned forty. We had to do something really special. Family, friends and a couple of foes gathered for her birthday and the holiday. It was a grand masquerade affair.  

Now early morning; I pull back the curtain from my kitchen window to reveal a Blue Jay (dressed in his best) foraging for food beneath my leaflessly barren dogwood tree. This was special! He went about his chore as I watched securely from my window. There was no reason to disturb him in his brilliant array. His neighbors had a different idea. A starling appeared to rudely shove him from his duties. The starling had his own agenda. Oddly his jacket; black while embroidered with orange strips that gave him a “Day of the Dead” decorative look. He was soon joined by a couple others of his kin. They equally impressive in what appeared to be the height of starling fashion, the orange stripped jackets. The story was unfolding into what might become a sort of drama; but all took their turn and there was plenty of whatever they were enjoying as breakfast to go around. Not to be out done a fat squirrel; immaculate in fur, scurried into view. How amazing; this show completely and gloriously free for my viewing pleasure. I can’t imagine a better beginning for any day.

Later today I’ll probably watch a couple of Horror Classics, read several magazines, a novel chapter or two and listen to a little Jazz. This might also be a good day to write a blog. What do you think?