Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Jerry Seinfeld's

How does the idea of driving around town with Jerry Seinfeld and one of his celebrity friends sound? You’re in a high end car a Ferrari, a Rolls Royce or say a Classic 57 Chevy Belair. The car could be as simple and unassuming as a VW Beatle or a Ford LTD family station wagon. Now say the town is LA, Vegas or Upper West Side Manhattan. With all this said; the Seinfeld friend is maybe Larry David, Sarah Jessica Parker, Chris Rock or Jim Carrey; at this point would you be interested. But just think it gets better…coffee…the nectar of the gods awaits at the end of the drive. The bill by the way picked up by Jerry; himself.  

Seinfeld’s hit internet show is very much like spending a morning or afternoon with the comedian behind the wheel and sharing jokes, philosophy, ideas and a certain intimacy of the type you would find on a private road trip.  The show is very much a joy to watch and if you’re the type to retell a good joke the show provides a lot of material. The laughs are plentiful but there are also touching stories told as well. Louis C.K. has an amazing reminiscence of a boat trip with his young daughters that is full of surprises, twists and eventually a wonderful tale of awakening and bonding.  

 Jim Carrey is at his insane best as he keeps Jerry in stitches and shows an unexpected creative out let in his surprisingly fascinating and skilled paintings. Jerry’s old friend and colleague George Wallace is equally hilarious as we are privy to his Vegas act and we see a long lasting respect and unmistakable comradery between the two comedians. Sarah Jessica Parker is priceless and very unaffected by her success and fame as she connects to her own unpretentious child hood. The show delivers a welcome tie-in with the theme of cars, family and the passage of time.

Popularity and success are no strangers to Jerry Seinfeld. He has with “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” the perfect marriage of his greatest interests. His talk show on wheels is considered by many the best T.V. show online and he is enjoying every minute of it. Seinfeld is showing a glimpse of life that is like no other Reality Show. There is a real honesty here. We get to tag along for the ride.

Comedians; Cars, Coffee…What’s not to Like???!!!