Sunday, March 15, 2015

David Finch Pencils


 Lichtenstein, Warhol and Ramos “discovered” comic books in the 60’s and made large, beautiful and intellectual pieces from the imagery. Somehow the art world forgot to laud the original creators: Bob Kane, Roy Thomas and Curt Swan. A number of the original artists of the comic book genre ironically didn’t see themselves as artist either. They were happy to be working in a field they loved as they entertained their readership.  There were still others like Carmine Infantino that studied and sited artist including French Impressionist; Edgar Degas as a major influence on his style of drawing. Infantino would produce many of the most iconic and reproduced images from comics “Silver Age.” We now come to the contemporary where comic book creators are recognized as artist in their own right. Robert Crumb, Alex Ross and Daniel Clowes are definitely “Comic Book Guys” and favorites of the “High” art world as well. Another artist to watch that has all the gifts of any master is David finch. His work is to note.

Drawing is critical and the heart and soul of any great work. Go to the core of every work of refinement and you will find draftsmanship is foremost. Film, design, portraiture and scientific development depend heavily on drawing. Story boarding, studies and sketches are critical as well as informative. The mind and hand come together on page as problem solvers and developers. The act and result of drawing by hand as especially expressed with pencil is the alpha. 

Finch’s pencils are of a confidence and grace that rival any draftsman of the day. His is an elegance and refinement that transcends all labels and genres. The lines, shadows and nuances from his hand are treasures as well as joyous to the eye of the viewer. Finch’s portfolio is extensive and possesses’ many remarkable things. Some of his best are displayed here and they are to delight and to please.