Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Charlie Hebdo Assassinations

There is no shortage of death and killing in our world. There are although; those killings and deaths that are more senseless, more heinous, and somehow, more disastrous. The attack on the cartoonist and publishers of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo early this week were such killings. The French citizens and free nations around the world are in shock and mourning of this unthinkable tragedy that transpired in Paris. In a world where such deaths are ever increasing people of good faith; believers of personal and civil liberty, inalienable rights and freedom; particularly, freedom of expression are shocked and appalled. This is certainly because we refuse to accept the brutality, hate and total disregard by the few who would deny the right to express opinion and views different from their own and those views that even we ourselves do not hold or believe. We do mourn, we are shaken, we can even be confused but we will not bow. The citizens of  Paris and all who cherish life and freedom will return stronger and with a greater will to survive, to debate and yes; to satirize the ignorant and misguided who kill the seekers of truth through the power of humor and that of the pen. 

As of this writing thousands have covered the streets and avenues of Paris in respect and reverence for their slain countrymen. The offices of Charlie Hebdo will publish on time and schedule the next issue of their weekly. It will be an expanded and astonishing million copy release. The voices of freedom sing out ever louder, ever stronger.  The suspects (murderers) have received their self-ordained fates. They will not kill again.

Expressions of defiance, regret, consolation and unity were posted and printed from the first moments that the news of the events at Charlie Hebdo were made public. This; sadly was not the first attack on Charlie Hebdo and may not be the last. But again; we stand firmly in support. Editorial cartoonist in particular expressed their heart-felt and stinging messages from Paris and around the globe in remarkable, relentless fashion. Some of the best are on view here. Je Suis Charlie. 

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