Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wayne Theibaud: Landscapes, Cityscapes, Ice Cream and Fresh Cakes

“Landscapes, Cityscapes, Ice Cream and Fresh Cakes” could well be an ad/slogan for the colorful and generous paintings of Wayne Theibaud. His beautiful works are heavily painted, impasto rich canvases that engage and delight his viewers. Theibaud is most closely associated with the “Pop” art movement and artists like Warhol, Lichtenstein, Blake and Hockney. 

His natural talents and training come together in extravagant ways that illuminate our vision of the world through Theibauds eyes. He has this in common with many of the other historic and contemporary masters.  His cakes and candies simply look delicious. His hot dogs give off a warmth and aroma while the ice creams refresh and chill all through the sense of sight.  

It is with his landscapes and cityscapes that I think Theibaud reaches his greatest mastery and are of an even more original statement of artistry then his more famous “Pop” pieces. Theibaud’s landscapes often exhibit hills and mountains of an extreme reality. Taken in context of the Northern California hill sides they are viewed as less extreme and closely resemble the uniqueness of the mountainous area of his home. When looking at the range of land in the area of South Western Virginia that I live in I daily see    views much like those created within Theibaud’s works. The hills are so extreme where I live that the cows are possibly the world’s only cows that are able to graze by raising their heads.

Whenever I’m driving and seeing fields of any red flowers I think of Monet. Green pastures and the yellow harvesting of wheat or hay connect me to Van Gogh. While looking out my window in the dead of winter with the browns, grays and muted hues of that season; I’m seeing the land of Andrew Wyeth’s Chadds Ford.  Now the tallest of lush green hills I see when and wherever will always be Theibaud Hills in my mind.  

Theibaud has famously done and includes character and life studies within his portfolio. He also teaches and has worked in the field of animation. Theibaud is a multi-threat/talented artist and man. He has impressed and influenced many in his time. It is his works that speak most positively for the man and I will let his works serve as conclusion.

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