Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Batman and Mr. Finch

David finch has been a fixture and a mainstay within the comic book industry for more than a few years now. He is too with some certain consensus one of the most popular, prolific and persuasive talents to grace the covers and pages of said books dating from the mediums inception to this; the modern day. Publishers including Marvel, DC and independents have all benefited from Finch’s output of phenomenal product and material. Take a pinch of Jim lee, a dash of Brian Bolland mixed with David’s own originality and edginess and you have what is a treat to all aficionados of the form.

Just a few years ago the cover of the September 2010 issue of Wizard magazine would announce a new beginning for Batman. It was graced by what is possibly the single most compelling rendering of Bob Kane’s creation since Detective Comics #27 many years previous, “way back” in May 1939. The five chapter single issue inaugural run “Batman: the Dark Knight” would prove to be some of Finch’s most remarkable and collected works. Finch would take on the writing credits along with penciling on the landmark title. 

Highlights of the featured novel “Golden Dawn” would include appearances by Bat-villains; The Penguin and Killer Croc along with guest–star Jack Kirby’s creation The Demon.  The books would be the last published by DC linked to the original line of comic books. This was achieved before the complete revamping of the entire collective DC titles dubbed by the company “The New 52.” Without losing a step Finch would relaunch his title this time solely as penciller with Paul Jenkins writing a truly bizarre Scare Crow tale both sweeping and entertainly disturbing. The very thing we expect a Scare Crow story arc should be.  

David Finch’s tenure as Bat-Artist/Writer would produce a number of iconic covers; panels and chapters. The graphic story-telling form is much enriched by Mr. Finch and his talents; particularly his artistry. He has moved on from the Batman and is currently developing; along with his wife Meredith, what promises to become a classic version of Wonder Woman. A husband wife team of co-creators is a first for the field and is deservedly and eagerly anticipated.  

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