Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Child's Poem

My daughter posted a photo of my baby granddaughter Malia-Mechelle and myself the other day. She was one year old on Nov. 7th It inspired the following poem:

A Child’s Poem


James Jones

Too much to do

too much to be

too many, many

things to see.

A chance to play

things far away.

What wonders will life bring today?

A bird to sing

a golden ring

some funny, blissful, happy thing.

Another day

a chance to pray

or maybe dream the clouds away.

So many things

I say to you

grow strong and wise

but foolish too.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, Daddy James!
♥ Nicci

Karen Jones said...

Live Love Love! She will cherish this forever.

James Jones said...

Thanks so much Nicci !!!

James Jones said...

Thanks Karen!!!