Monday, April 1, 2013

San Jacinto

8,500 ft. plus above the Palm Springs desert floor the San Jacinto Mountain Range rises. A glass tram take visitors almost straight up beginning a spectacular journey into nature and the splendor of creation. I was able to spend a cool morning romping, climbing and photographing a portion of this spectacular California State Park.
People from all over the world and across the country were sharing this miracle of nature. The lighting that morning was just about perfect and the air crisp.
There were boulders balanced on boulders and fallen trees that appeared to be prehistoric gargantuan beasts. Many of these things seemed as if placed by some gigantic hand or set designer.
The morning found experienced climbers, novices and families enjoying the snow on the higher peaks. Some of the most amazing views to see anywhere on the planet surrounded we journeymen travelers through time.
There was a sense of accomplishment in just climb, sitting and looking out at a thing larger and greater than one person could ever be. These sensations accompanied with a feeling of belonging and being part of something tremendous, grand and timeless.

San Jacinto is exhilarating, inspirational and addictive in the most positive way. These are photographs from my “Excellent Adventure.” They give a hint of the greatness of these moments.

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