Saturday, April 20, 2013

Message to Terrorist #2 (the one in the white cap)

Your terror spree was so short. Did you really believe you could affect America; Americans, for any extended amount of time. You and the others like you who think your brief moments of terror can stop us from being a free nation, a free people who will not bow to your acts of senseless and a most brutal, depraved violence. Your crimes, your self-serving acts were truly acts of cowardice. You chose to attack innocents when they were at their most vulnerable. You disgraces and dishonor whatever sick cause you believe you represent. The only truth is that you ultimately failed because your cause is a cause built on lies with a foundation of sand.

We continue to rise up against you as we try to come to some understanding of your sickness. Why did you do this? This is not for your benefit but to help prevent the next depraved person, pair or group that wants to inflict pain on those they see as weaker. We will do whatever it takes to bring you and others like you to justice, we believe firmly in that too. You will be granted a fairness you never granted you victims. We celebrate that you were brought down, you will never harm another and there are runners across the nation and around the world running today, running in marathons without fear and completely devoid of terror.

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