Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Best of Days

We have enjoyed another incredibly blessed and wonderful Christmas. It is indeed “the Best of Days.” We celebrate the birth and gift of our lord and savior Jesus Christ; the son of God, Emmanuel. Our individual and collective celebrations take on many forms and it is so much bigger than a single day. It is a season; a continuing season that we still embrace, enjoy and cherish even as I write this blog. The Hallelujah Chorus, the card in the mail box, the trimming of the tree, Santa and the “Merry Christmas Greeting” accompanied with smile from a stranger are all equal parts. We give freely in every way and the joy is in seeing the happiness on the face of those we give to. Such a reward and treasure are these and countless other things of this immaculate time of year. The word; priceless is the only response to these moments to which we are immeasurably thankful. Among the greatest pleasures of life is Christmas. It has been so for generations and will continue without end. 

Filling stockings

Trimming trees

Children praying on their knees


Gifts and giving

Ancient ways

Christmas is the Best of Days


This particular Christmas Season; regretfully has had many sad notes. Our hearts go out to all as we pray for God to grant the strength, heart, character and faith to endure their terrible misfortunes. The sorrows and losses to befall so many this year seem unbearable. A better day is coming and their spirits will be renewed.


Thank you Christmas! This year we needed you even more!

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