Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beasts of the Southern Wild

A modern parable of life, love, the metaphysical wonder of childhood and the longing to connect our primordial beginnings to our ultimate destinies.  A world of flood, survival, fears and death are viewed through the eyes of a small child in an obscure delta community. The strongest little heroine the big screen has seen probably since the Great Depression is enchanting her own world and pretty much every viewer of this remarkable thing; “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” This is of course an after- thought looking back at a remarkable screen experience. Watching this is to be very much in a state of entrancement, abandon and awe.
To describe this film is almost to do it an injustice. It is the most unique cinematic style of story-telling to come around in many years; it is the real thing. It can only be truly appreciated in the viewing. It will live with you for a while.The center of the film is Hushpuppy; portrayed by at (the time five year old) Quenzhane Wallis. She is dynamic…you will be drawn in from her first frame on screen.  She and her single parent father Wink; Dwight Henry (who is superbly cast) go on an amazing journey that cuts to the core of life and existence in a rare thing of beauty. Ben Zeitlin directs and shares a co-writer credit with Lucy Alibar. Alibar’s one act play “Juicy and delicious” was the basis of the film. 

“Beasts” has already been lauded at Cannes and Sundance. More acclaim is certain to come. It is what film is about when thinking of the new and daring. Add it to your must see list…you will not be disappointed by this miracle!

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