Friday, November 11, 2011

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“Why so serious?”  The question Heath Ledger’s Joker asks of Christian Bale’s Batman in the most recent “Batman” adventure film is something to consider. Life is grim enough and we need a good laugh or at least to see the irony of all things as an essential of survival. There is always a bright side and the cartoonist is looking for that thing that amuses even in the bleakest times and subject matter. There is a season and time for all things and humor is found in most situations especially when viewed with a little distance.

Barack & Wright

  The cartoons on this blog are originals from my archives and they range from the editorial to the simply absurd. They go back as far as the nineteen eighties and some are contemporary efforts.  I’m hoping you will be amused and able to take something from them. The worst thing that anyone can do is over analyze and often to even analyze is pointless to this art form. These “Toons” should speak for themselves as hopefully they speak to you. Enjoy,embrace, connect with them on some personal level…and at best even “LOL."

The Young Stanley Kubrick

The Artist's Ideas



Bush and Bin Laden

Death Mourns the Passing of a Butterfly

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