Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mirror Mirror

  Among the most fascinating  of objects in our lives and world is the mirror.
We begin our day looking into one and we end looking usually into the same one. Throughout the day we see reflections in store windows, passing cars, silver and any suitable material. We use mirrors for reasons of vanity, necessity and for safety in and on our vehicles. Any polished object to be described to being as shiny as a mirror is the highest compliment.

 Mirrors are important in the arts from painting to literature to film. Contemporary artists depend heavily on reflective mediums. Amish Kapoor and Jeff Koon s are examples of sculptors that love highly polished almost glass like chrome and paint in their creations. Robert Rauschenberg produced silk screened mirrors among the vast array of materials in his body of works. Picasso’s “Girl with a Mirror” is one of the most important and beautiful examples of 20th century painting. The mirror in the rear of “Las Meninas” is central to the narrative of the 17th century master piece by Velasquez. “Through the Looking Glass” is a classic of children’s literature and where would the wicked stepmother in “Snow White’ be without her magic mirror and her famous line”Mirror, mirror…?” Writer Neil Gaiman loves the concept of the mirror world and has written on the theme in several stories. “Smoke and Mirrors” is the title of a collection of his short stories and where would any self respecting magician be without these critical props. 

Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean co-created an intriguing little film “Mirror Mask” another reverse (mirror) universe themed piece. Michael Jackson’s “The Man in the Mirror” is one of the most poignant as well as popular songs in modern music. Why so much attention to mirrors?

Mirrors allow us to see the one person in the room that we never see; ourselves. They also save us from a certain amount of embarrassment; can be somewhat consoling and are an aid to us when injured. They are an instant portal to another mystic place; our visual imaginations. Every image for this entry is computer enhanced and a mirror image. 
                                             Mirrors certainly are worth looking into.


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youtube is better!

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facebook is better than a mirror.