Sunday, January 23, 2011

Batman: Ceiling of the City

There is never too much for me to say about Neal Adams. He has been at the top of my list of artists and influences for many years and the subject of a previous Blog. I put together “Neal Adams…He’s  Back” last September. You may have already read it. If not It comes highly recommended. I have done several animations featuring his art work and here is the latest “Batman: The Ceiling of the City”. I used images ranging from his early works to the present to create this piece.

I recently found out that Neal is producing and directing something very similar with his company “Continuity Comics” he calls motion comics. Interestingly he is using the work of other artists rather than his own. His first effort is from a series of graphic novels by Josh  Whedon  and John Cassady. “Gifted” a tale of “The Astonishing X-Men” is phenomenal in it’s own right and perfect for adaptation.

 Adams has done other more historical subjects such as Anne Frank and New York’s Mayor LaGuardia. The man continues to work and to grow creatively. Did I mention that Neal Adams is great!!!

                                    Take a look at “Batman: The Ceiling of the City”

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