Saturday, November 13, 2010


Drawing is the basis of almost every creative and productive endeavor. It is the great clarifier and instructor.  It can be elegant; simple, complex, humorous, poignant, mechanical…and even scary. It encompasses every aspect of life; every art form and every science. Without it our world would be so much less interesting; an extremely dull place. It is something that almost every human being has done or does now at least some of the time. I have never known a child that didn’t love to draw. Humanity possesses no greater article in the arsenal against apathy and ignorance. There is no more powerful or empowering tool.   Drawing is a wonderful and enchanting thing. Simply put…the art and act of drawing is phenomenal.
A work of art should be able to stand on it’s own without reference or context.   Explanations   can be distractions. These are some of my favorite drawings; among the best I believe you’ll see. They range from sketches to fully realized academic pieces. They speak more eloquently for themselves and for their creators than I or anyone could. I hope you agree and I hope you enjoy.







To the credit of:

Steven Assael  John Currin
Jim Dine  Brad Holland
Frank Gehry  David levine
Robert Liberace

"Inspirations All"

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