Wednesday, October 27, 2010



A sacred night

Something of fright

A creaky floor

A slamming door

The blowing leaves

I do believe

Black Widows weave

All Hallows Eve

Bats in Bristol, bones in bags

Muses, minstrels, monster mags

A dance of death

A witch’s face

The children run

Keep up the pace

No time to loose

No time to waste

The zombie's  hair

all stuck with paste

The row men row

Against the wind

Don’t look; don’t worry

It's here again

No fear of death

It’s sting rebuked

The Song of Solomon

The book of Luke

We know there’s more

But here today

We celebrate our special way

A sleeper, a keeper

Both darker and deeper

A crawler and creeper

Who laugh at the reaper



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