Thursday, September 23, 2010

So Grand

Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? The three questions are also the title of the painting considered by many art historians and patrons to be Paul Gaugin’s opus. This mural like phenomenon is by all accounts inspired and the product of a master. Gaugin’s painting depicts Tahitians (mostly female as was his favorite subject) of different ages and different attitudes.  Some are alone with others in small groups of varying numbers. The surrounds are a sort of decorative imagined nature. Animals, birds and a carved idol complete this symbolic while somber scene.
 Gaugin is attempting to make sense and give meaning to a life and world which remains in totality just beyond human comprehension.   Like Gauguin many of us seek and look for the answers to the same questions. We can look to many places for the answers these questions poise. Religion, philosophy, art, nature, even work can be sources of meaning. 
There is one place that I can personally look that provides me with answers to all three questions.
The one place that is actually in six parts is my grandchildren.  I want to share illustrations of special times when each question’s answer is briefly but completely clear…
When Morgan greets me (too early in the morning) with her big as the sky smile. Her eyes beaming like two little suns with the optimism only a four year old can have.
When Little “E” breaks away from two or three would be tacklers, zipping by them like Kid Flash into the open field.
When I walk into a room and Jasmine is sitting quietly reading; absorbed, totally entranced in her book. 
When Tre’ while dancing leaps into the sky in a Michael Jackson move and lands softly, perfectly in a Ninja like pose.
When Baby Alex sighs while sleeping in that comfortable, warm, safe place that is a baby’s dreams.
When Madison calls out “Daddy James…Daddy James” and laughs with the sound of the purest most beautiful music.
At these times I see all of our past, all that we are and all that we will be.

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