Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Long/Story Short: (Intro)

Freedom   of speech; what a marvelous thing. We use it more often and to greater advantage than any other freedom. I love it and am certain that most of the people I know cherish it at least as much as I do. What other than that is a blog? To blog is to be free.
I work as an electrical test tech by day for a government and private sector supplier. It is global in nature and many employees are originally from other countries. Let’s just say the conversations are vast and varied. We cover many things and leave little out of our discussions. It’s a pretty good place to work if you’re looking for good and sometimes hot conversations. Yes; the work is interesting too.
My other work and true calling is the creation and pursuit of art. I’m involved with painting, sculpture, animation and more. The art world is amazing and opens up to whole other levels of discussion. The interesting thing is that my two worlds do overlap and if you follow these blogs you’ll see.
This is a beginning. An opportunity to engage in new things as well as old. Even old things are new if we haven’t experienced them. We are certain to end up in places yet to be imagined. I hope this will be interesting, funny, thoughtful and unpredictable but never, never a bore.

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