Sunday, September 19, 2010

Faith, hope and love are three of the foundations, fundamentals and essentials of my existence. They are the basis of continued happiness, purpose and even survival in a world that can be both wonderful, continually amazing and at times; well… difficult.  Above is a painting I did not long ago that represents another essential element of my life. The painting being the fruit of my labor. The act of painting is actually something  all together different and is consider by Buddhist to be one of the highest forms  of spiritual expression. Painting and creativity are fueled by passion and need which are also basics of the human fiber. Painting is an act and result of faith. 

Faith simplified is the belief and trust of the unseen but not the unknown. We can know God and have continued faith because of countless manifestations of his existence. Prosperity, the dawn of a new day, the birth of a new child are all gifts from God. What is greater than a new life entering the world and literally changing the world’s dynamics merely by being born? Birth is simple (at least from the male perspective) repeated continually while ever profound.  Faith in God and faith in one’s own self are a powerful combination. Add to the mix faith in others that are close to us and the formula is unbeatable.  

Hope is brought into life along with a birth. With that a new purpose and a deeper commitment to life itself. Hope is simply another word for optimism. Without it the world would disappear from existence. It is that critical. Talk to someone that has lost it. To not have hope would be the separation from God and everything that makes us try it one more time. Whatever that it is. Hope is the longing and the expectation of something better. To want and desire with all our hearts is to hope. Combine it with faith and again there is great power. Having hope is to always have promise. The promise of the good and true wealth that life brings. If you are excited  about the wonder and greatness each day can bring than you have hope.

Love…There is no need to tell you the things it can do. You have found it, lost it, shown it and known it  Given it, received it, jaded and made it. I’m certain you’ve cried, laughed and denied love. You’ve spoken of and tried; used it to guide. It can abide and lovers have died for it. Some even hide as many have lied for love. Because of it we forgive and who wants to live without love.

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Very poetic!!