Thursday, September 16, 2010

Choosing a Title

My friend Addae and my daughter Gail were actually the ones to suggest I do a blog. When I told them I was considering doing it they wanted to know what I would name it. Among the considerations for a blog the title is an important one. I imagine that like a book it can intrigue the would be reader and should give some glimpse into the contents.  I started to toss around ideas for this blog and I  began to write a few down .The next day with a short list of five or so I started to ask my co-workers  what they liked  thinking  I would  get some sort of consensus. I didn’t ….it seemed that among the people I showed my short list; each preferred a different one.  As I talked and exchanged ideas more possibilities grew and my list got longer. I showed more people; still nothing in common. Everyone actually liked a different one.
That evening I emailed the list that had grown to twenty to Addae and Gail. And you probably know; no repeat choices. They each picked two totally different ones.  Without anything definite I knew now that I would at least need a working title. I decided on” Why Not: A Blog”. It can be read different ways and even references the line from John Kennedy;”Some see things the way they are and ask why. Others see thing s the way they could be and ask; why not. I like that idea . It speaks to the element of limitless possibilities.
I going to include the list of titles that I came up with.  One might appeal to you, have a certain ring or have some subtle meaning for you. Let me know what you think. If I can get the elusive consensus I might change my title even now. It’s still very early in the blog’s history.
        Blog Title’s
1.       For All We know and Don’t Know
2.       The Things We Know…Even  More We Don’t
3.       A Long Story/Short
4.       Versions of a Long/Short Story
5.       What’s The possibility
6.       Take a look…
7.       Let Me Know What You Think
8.       Oh Yeah!!!
9.       The Eternal Now
10.   Something like That
11.   Replies Welcome
12.   What’s The latest
13.   It’s about the Journey
14.   Something Read
15.   When Black and White is Red
16.   What About a Blog
17.   Why Not: A Blog
18.   Hey Bert!!!
19.   Let’s Listen
20.   As Yet Untitled


Anonymous said...

I choose 4, your catch phrase.

Anonymous said...

now, you know with free speech things will get a little heated from time to time, so let's see what provocative insights you bring to the table.