Friday, September 17, 2010

"The American" George Clooney

George Clooney’s latest film” The American” opened a few weeks ago to the number one box office slot. The reviews were mixed and among those that saw it there was a lot of disappointment. I personally enjoyed the film and I’ve heard that some showings ended in applause. It has since steadily dropped in number.
After reading comments to a Yahoo news article and seeing so many negative comments I decided to post my thoughts. I was able to get a good number of comments posted about my own comments. This was pretty amazing for me. I actually ended up with many people voting thumbs up or down on my comments and I was glad that I ended up 50/50. This put me; at the end of a very unscientific poll at dead center. I like to see myself as a moderate who can swing from extreme left to extreme right on given issues. I was pleased.
By this time you have seen “The American” or perhaps written it off. Maybe you plan to see it on DVD. I recommend you do.
I’ve attached my Yahoo comments to this blog along with some of the replies. I hope you enjoy reading my Yahoo comments as well as the replies I received.

My Yahoo comments:

The American was a brilliant piece of film. Clooney's effort to expand American Film through the use of understatement and minimalism has worked to near perfection. The camera work unfolds in ever changing, interesting compositions that use every inch of the screen as a gigantic canvas. Many scenes unfold with little or no dialogue. This is pure film that is in itself a tribute to the mastery of Hitchcock. There are many nods to Hitchcock beyond the pacing and tone including a subtle version of his famous line drawing self portrait.
Clooney's character Jack is not so much a hit man as a craftsman. He constructs and customizes weapons and even repairs vehicles while exploring the essence of  life; man's spirituality, sexuality and his own ultimate emptiness.
A brave movie that goes against today’s low expectations for film. Well acted, directed and photographed with a limited but powerful dialogue that is actually enunciated when needed.
Thank you George...where are we going next?

Replies to my comments:


I have NOT seen the movie, but reading James Review I see such a disconnect between the want to be entertained American public and wonderful film making as a craft as seen thru the eyes of a student of art, not a filmgoer..........Very Interesting Conversation between the two camps,,,,,,,,,,

This was NO Hitchcock it was boring the action scenes where boring. The beautiful country side and Clooney emoting was really tiresome after the 1st hour. The pay off was who cares. The "I am going to hell" lines in Machete.
In short it is an art film. Of interest to art students and those wanting to Clooney with no shirt.
It should have been advertised that way it is not a spy thriller, An assassin thriller, or James Bond like.
It is what is is. The masses will be bored. The "effort to expand American Film through the use of understatement and minimalism" Fails if the story is weak contrived. the Biggest drama was will he shoot is girl friend.
The dialog minimal yes powerful no.
The American: " God has no interest in me" mumbled.
Machete "Were are my with and daughter" " with God" "Then I will not see them" while dying. Shoot'em up movies should not have better lines then "art"


Seriously? Go back to art school you douche. Nobody wants films like this except film study rejects with too much family money and no common sense.


understatement and minimalism = paint drying


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